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Small Architecture Firms

Small Architecture Firms

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At Ammache Architects, we know that the build process in Melbourne can be a long and tedious one for our clients. That’s why we strategically plan our design process to “get it right the first time”. Our 27 years of being an small architecture firms, experience has taught us a lot, both what works and what does not. We will help you avoid making the same mistakes those before you have, ensuring the best quality designs are delivered.

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At Ammache, we are famously known for our incredible attention to detail as Architects. Being perfectionists ourselves, we go above and beyond to ensure that the designs we produce for our clients are nothing short of incredible. Whether it is Residential Projects Or Commercial Projects – this perfection-driven approach we take, means we do not work with just anyone. Our clients are strictly committed individuals, who are serious about developing outstanding projects.

Small Architecture Firms

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Over $200 Million In Projects Completed Since 1998

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A Few Members Of Our Team...

Nidal Ammache Founder Of Ammache Architects An Architect Firm In Melbourne

“Architecture is not about producing a symmetrical, well-facilitated building or developing something exciting and original. It is the architect’s understanding of society’s fundamental physical and psychological needs which will determine their success and historical significance”

Nidal is founder of Ammache Architects- Melbourne- Australia. With over 27 years of extensive experience within architectural and building technology delivering successful projects to his clients. Consistently maintained a high level of hands-on responsibility to the client, readily overcoming a diverse range of projects issues. Nidal Mastered a unique level of negotiation ability, reflected through victories such as the reversal of a council’s decision to the utmost satisfaction of a key client.

Nidal Attained approval for numerous developments in preliminary discussions prior to formal submission of plans, so as to ensure minimal surprises.

Jun Ma A Senior Melbourne Architect With Ammache Architects
Jun Ma , Senior Architect

Jun is a passionate architect who strives for perfection throughout the life of each project with over 15 year’s extensive architectural and interior design experience across China, Singapore and Australia. Jun has provided exceptional design thought leadership, and innovative design solutions for a variety of projects spanning from multi-residential and hospitality design to high-end housing and commercial. He has worked on an array of major projects which allows him to communicate all phases of a project in Mandarin and English.

Eddie A Melbourne Architect With Ammache Architects
Eddie Tavakkoli, Architect

Eddie is a degree-qualified architect with a background in architectural drafting, architectural visualisation and a passion for design delivering a unique combination of artistic talent and presentation. He is a team player with excellent interpersonal skills who is always eager to learn and ready to take on new challenges. He has knowledge, understanding, and experience of buildings and also creative presentation skills with a flexible and adaptable approach to work.

Amir Ammache, Contract Administrator/ Project Coordinator
Amir has 6 years’ experience in the Melbourne building industry, carrying out trade roles in site management, contract administration and project coordination under tier 1 and 2 builders. His experience combined with his building and construction diploma and background in design has allowed Amir to work his way up into building roles with his target to project coordinate & construction of projects outright. He joined Ammache Architects to continue his career in the building industry as contract administrator/ project coordinator as part of his plan to support the family business.

27 Years Of Experience, Our Story

Established in 1998 in Melbourne- Australia, Ammache Architects is a registered small architecture firms. We have carefully selected professionals consisting of qualified registered architects, structural engineers and draftsmen, who provide a comprehensive range of architectural services from schematic design through to planning, compliance and post-constructive services.

The company’s future looks bright as it strives to create greater harmony in the interface between high density quality living and the needs of both the community and the environment.

Ammache Architects combine distinction in design with an intuitive understanding of environmental, client and business needs. This approach creates buildings of beauty, quality and functionality that are sustainable within a highly competitive property market.

All projects encompass Ammache’s philosophy of “understanding society’s fundamental physical and psychological needs” – an insight that focuses on achieving synchronicity between structure and nature.

Ammache Architects have earned a reputation for excellence within the challenging Australian geographic and regulatory setting. The firm’s work to date is characterised by an impressive array of projects – including multi-unit residential developments, high-rise and commercial building – ranging up to AU $200 million.

Ammache is famously known for its amazing work as both as Residential & Commercial Architects .

Some of our projects...

  • 2018

1 The Heads, Mount Martha

  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Residential Projects

14 White St, Beaumaris

  • Residential Projects

30 Admiral Quay Patterson Lakes

  • Residential Projects

19 William Avenue, Dandenong South

  • Residential Projects

13-17 Forster Road, Mount Waverley

  • Residential Projects

17 Collocott Street, Mordialloc

  • Residential Projects

30 Central Rd, Hampton Park

  • Residential Projects

774-776 Waverley Road, Glen Waverley

  • Residential Projects

42 Harkaway Road Berwick

  • Residential Projects

7 Macedon Crt Lower Templestowe

  • Residential Projects

31 Clinton Street Brighton East

  • Residential Projects

162 Palm Beach Dv Patterson Lakes

  • Residential Projects

403 Settlement Rd, Cowes

  • Residential Projects

898 Ferntree Gully Rd Wheelers Hill

  • Residential Projects

387 South Road Brighton East

  • Residential Projects

3-5 Alvena Street, Mentone

  • Medium Density Residential Projects

846-848 Centre Rd, Bentligh

  • Medium Density Residential Projects

151-153 Huntingdale Road, Ashwood

  • Medium Density Residential Projects

A little about the Architecture Of Melbourne

As per this article titled Architecture of Melbourne – “The architecture of Melbourne, the second most populous city in Australia, is characterised by an extensive juxtaposition of old and new architecture. The city is noted for preserving a significant amount of Victorian architecture and has some of the largest in the country. Additionally, it features a vast array of modern architecture, with around 60 skyscrapers over 100 m in the city centre which have deliberately been set back from thoroughfares and streets to preserve historic architecture—leading to the title of Australia’s most European city. If you have any questions please get in touch with the best small architecture firms Melbourne – Ammache Architects”

A Rich History Of Architecture...

Melbourne is also said to have anticipated the skyscraper race alongside Chicago and New York City, with the construction of the Queen Anne APA (Australia) Building, sometimes referred to as one of the world’s tallest buildings in the 1890s, Australia’s tallest building until 1912 and Melbourne’s tallest building until 1929. Slipshod government and council attitudes towards heritage in the 1950s, 60s and 70s led to the destruction of most of the city’s early architecture, although some edifices have been retained, specifically the Royal Exhibition Building, the Melbourne General Post Office, the State Library of Victoria and a number of churches and cathedrals.”

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