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We all know the build process can be a long and tedious one, that is why we strategically plan our design process to “get it right the first time”. Our 27 years of experience has taught us a lot, both what works and what does not. We will help you avoid making the same mistakes those before you have, ensuring the best quality designs are delivered.

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At Ammache Architects, we are famously known for our incredible attention to detail. Being perfectionists ourselves, we go above and beyond to ensure that the designs we produce for our clients are nothing short of incredible. This perfection-driven approach we take, means we do not work with just anyone. Our clients are strictly committed individuals, who are serious about developing outstanding projects.

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Over $200 Million In Projects Completed Since 1998

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Established in 1998 in Melbourne- Australia, Ammache Architects is a registered architectural firm of carefully selected professionals consisting of qualified registered architects, structural engineers and draftsmen, who provide a comprehensive range of architectural services from schematic design through to planning, compliance and post-constructive services.

The company’s future looks bright as it strives to create greater harmony in the interface between high density quality living and the needs of both the community and the environment.

Ammache Architects combine distinction in design with an intuitive understanding of environmental, client and business needs. This approach creates buildings of beauty, quality and functionality that are sustainable within a highly competitive property market.

All projects encompass Ammache’s philosophy of “understanding society’s fundamental physical and psychological needs” – an insight that focuses on achieving synchronicity between structure and nature.

Ammache Architects have earned a reputation for excellence within the challenging Australian geographic and regulatory setting. The firm’s work to date is characterised by an impressive array of projects – including multi-unit residential developments, high-rise and commercial building – ranging up to AU $200 million.

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