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With over 25 years of experience

Ammache Architects Melbourne combines distinction in design with an intuitive understanding of environmental, client and business needs.

This approach creates buildings of beauty, quality and functionality that are sustainable within a highly competitive property market!


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We have been offering our Melbourne clients superior architectural services across a range of industries. Our range of services span across serveral sectors including residential, commercial, and heritage as well as across industries including hospitality, childcare, and more.


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Meet Ammache Architects

Ammache Architects are the leading architects based in Melbourne. At Ammache Architects, we believe that architecture involves much more than simple drawings. Our imagination, skill, and experience make us able to lift your project from the usual, stretch your budget and ultimately add value to the house. We are skilled at building design, managing construction, keeping tabs on your budget, and obtaining building permits in Melbourne.

As a chartered architects practice, we work on a range of projects from multiple units to even individual buildings.  Our clients are of varied types, from individual people to commercial businesses in Melbourne. Our main goal is to promote sustainable architecture that is responsive to aesthetic, technical, and our client’s budgetary expectations.

Architectural Skills to Achieve Design Excellence

Rather than just give you drawings, we will work with you to refine and develop designs that will imaginatively interpret your ideas. Through thinking innovatively and laterally, and adopting efficient use of space, we can stretch your dollar to the furthest and maximize your investment.

Thanks to our skill in sustainable design, we are always using renewable technologies, low-energy construction methods, and sustainable materials. Apart from being the most ideal for the environment, our materials and methods also translate to low maintenance and running costs. Ammache Architects are the architecture company of choice for Melbourne residents.

Multi-Residential Design

To create architecture that is economically viable, architects need to understand the developer, the market, and the end-users. Ammache Architects use research and a thorough understanding of the brief. Not only will a successful commercial development project lead to profits, but also affects lives in a positive manner. Spaces need to be functional and at the same time give a feeling of contemporary and artistic. Our commercial work continues inspiring lives positively throughout Melbourne and the whole of Australia. Our projects have resulted in greater productivity and happier occupants which gives a whole new meaning to investing in high-quality architecture.

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At Ammache Architects, we believe that designs should be affordable and building costs kept down to enable us to offer services to our clients as affordably as possible. With our low overhead costs, we can work with many clients who may not normally hire architects. Call us today and let’s discuss how to turn your dreams into reality.

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