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Nidal Ammache

Architect/Managing Director

“Architecture is not about producing a symmetrical, well-facilitated building or developing something exciting and original. It is the architect’s understanding of society’s fundamental physical and psychological needs which will determine their success and historical significance”

Nidal is founder of Ammache Architects- Melbourne- Australia. With over 27 years of extensive experience within architectural and building technology delivering successful projects to his clients

Consistently maintained a high level of hands-on responsibility to the client, readily overcoming a diverse range of projects issues;

Mastered a unique level of negotiation ability, reflected through victories such as the reversal of a council’s decision to the utmost satisfaction of a key client;

Attained approval for numerous developments in preliminary discussions prior to formal submission of plans, so as to ensure minimal surprises;


Graduate Diploma in planning and design

Bachelor of architecture

Bachelor of technology building surveying


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Asmaa Min al Tarikh- LBC International

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Omar Ammache


“Design. So simple but yet so complicated”

Omar is a graduate of Building Design at Swinburne University. He has a passion for design and creativity. He’s a simple guy but has a unique touch to his personality.

Omar has a passion for soccer and a goal to make it as a professional. Having played internationally as a youth, in Brazil & Spain, he carries the same work ethic and dedication to his craft as a designer.

Omar joined the family business as a full-time building designer, his passion is to carry on with business and become a registered architect. 

Jun Ma A Senior Melbourne Architect With Ammache Architects

Jun Ma

Senior Architect

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Jun is a passionate architect who strives for perfection throughout the life of each project with over 15 year’s extensive architectural and interior design experience across China, Singapore and Australia. Jun has provided exceptional design thought leadership, and innovative design solutions for a variety of projects spanning from multi-residential and hospitality design to high-end housing and commercial. He has worked on an array of major projects which allows him to communicate all phases of a project in Mandarin and English.

Eddie A Melbourne Architect With Ammache Architects

Eddie Tavakkoli


Eddie is a degree-qualified architect with a background in architectural drafting, architectural visualisation and a passion for design delivering a unique combination of artistic talent and presentation.

He is a team player with excellent interpersonal skills who is always eager to learn and ready to take on new challenges. 

He has knowledge, understanding, and experience of buildings and also creative presentation skills with a flexible and adaptable approach to work.

Amir Ammache

Contract Administrator/ Project Coordinator

“Project’s coordination should be simple steps to complete any project in smooth way, understanding the rule of all parties involve and support them to achieve their desire goals”

Amir has 6 years’ experience in the Melbourne building industry, carrying out trade roles in site management, contract administration and project coordination under tier 1 and 2 builders. His experience combined with his building and construction diploma and background in design has allowed Amir to work his way up into building roles with his target to project coordinate & construction of projects outright.

Amir has various roles working for the likes of, Icon, Hacer, & shangrila. Helping them through completion of projects from start to finish with building cost up to $150m, following he shows professionalism delivering projects to date and his services in the building industry add further value to every project he is involved in.He joined Ammache Architects to continue his career in the building industry as contract administrator/ project coordinator as part of his plan to support the family business

Carla Taylor
 – CEO at Zouki
, Carla worked with Nidal but at different companies- Australia

Nidal is one of those rare individuals who is both visionary and results-oriented. Quite simply, he sees what is needed and makes things happen. Architecture and property are not just the areas in which Nidal works, they are his passion – which is something from which any client or business partner must surely benefit greatly.
Above all that he is a great guy, talented but with his feet on the ground.

Angelo Adamo
 Director at Total Property Sales Solutions Director at local builders direct Director at Total Property Sales – Australia

Good and respected

Jack R Henderson – 


Ammache Architects: Instinctive design, innovative concepts, awareness of function as well as form, capable and concise, value-driven and bottom line concerned.

David Hanna
 – Director

Nidal is a great Architect with modern designs along with his office staff and software tools which will enhance any proposed project.

Naim Melhem
 – Senior Manager Abab Bank Australia

I have known Nidal for 15 years and hired him for numerous jobs and have found his service, quality and advice at the highest level. I would highly recommend Nidal.

Michael Yardney
 – CEO, Metropole Property Strategists- Australia

Nidal had a great flair for designing projects that had good appeal, yet were functional and profitable to build

Loudon Luka
 – Dandenong Council – Team Leader Commercial Development at City of Greater – Australia

Nidal is a gifted architect, project manager and an astute businessman. He has a flair for architectural innovation and has designed iconic buildings both in Australia and the Middle East. Nidal has built his business, Ammache Architects, from a humble one-man practice fifteen years ago to a multinational practice with a large business portfolio. I have worked with Nidal on quite a number of projects for which he has had to obtain planning approval. I have been privileged to assess his many projects for planning permission. He has over the years developed a shrewd understanding of the complex planning regulatory framework in Australia and has successfully obtained approval for a number of significant projects, much to the satisfaction of his clients.

Jamie Govenlock – Director Uibis

I have worked with Nidal on a number of occasions providing town planning advice and lodging town planning applications for projects designed by him as the architect. Nidal and his architectural firm always produce quality architectural designs. The architectural plans are always of a high quality and comprise very interesting designs that set to raise the bar in design terms in the location in which they are located. The designs always not only respond in a positive way to the context of the site but also seek to provide design excellence.

I would highly recommend Nidal and his firm Ammache Architects to work on a range of projects of all scales.

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